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IPAcalypse NOW!

IPAcalypse NOW the newest Singin’ River brew to hit shelves across the Southeast is making waves with its citrusy, hop-forward style, and like anything good in life it was a labor of love. As we grow as a brewery we are always eager to stretch our creative muscles, expand our capabilities, and offer craft beer lovers something exciting and fresh. So, after two years of tweaking, experimenting, and considering customer feedback we have transformed our original malt-driven Singin’ River IPA into a more hop-forward, West coast style IPA by aggressively upping the citra hops to create an intense, citrusy punch that hits with every sip, and the response has been overwhelming.

As the recipe was developed and the intensity of the hops was increased the only option was to come up with a name and can design that could match it. In a moment of inspiration our Cellarman, John McAlexander, was drinking IPA and reading about Lawrence Fishburn, when it hit him… the name had to be IPAcalypse Now. He immediately jumped up out of his seat and ran to George, our head brewer, to announce the moment of enlightenment and the rest is history. It was the final piece to complete their years of hard work, the perfect pun to communicate the intensity of the new IPA, and a nod towards the hoppy, tropical, style recipe.

Finally, we wanted a can design that could match such an intense name, and what resulted was a large skull wearing a military helmet, surrounded by hops against a golden-yellow backdrop. It’s not only a warning label to the powerful, hop focused flavor, but an eye-catching reflection of the spirit of the new brew. We want all of our beers to not just be enjoyable, but to incite creativity and inspire laughter. We hope that whether you’re surfing on the Singin’ River or telling stories at dinner with friends, our IPAcalypse NOW can be the perfect pairing. Keep on the lookout for our next batch coming towards the end of June— we’re sure it won’t disappoint. Smells like victory!

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