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Beer & Food Pairings

There are two things that the staff at Singin’ River Brewing Co. love: beer and food— which is why for this month’s blog post we have compiled a list of some of our favorite dishes and paired them with the Singin’ River beer that compliments it in hopes that you will find your Summer filled with delicious meals with friends and family.

Tiger Chainsaw Arms with Mussels and Frites

If you can find one of the bright green cans of Tiger Chainsaw Arms on the shelf at your local package store, run home and cook up the classic Belgian dish of Mussels and Frites for the perfect compliment to Tiger Chainsaw Arms. Our spicy, citrusy Belgian Abbey Tripel-American IPA is a flavorful and refreshing finish to this salty dish.

Roggenbier with Strawberry Salad with nuts and goat cheese

Our traditional German Roggenbier is a complex golden brew perfect for warm weather. Spend summer evenings on your back porch sipping this refreshing brew and pair it with a crisp Strawberry Salad topped with nuts and goat cheese for a healthy go-to dinner option.

Pair of Ducks with Tacos

Everyone has tacos at least three times a week, right? Just us? When we do our go-to beer pairing for a taco dinner topped with spicy salsa is Pair of Ducks, our sour ale with notes of bold citrus and tropical fruit. This yummy combination is the perfect meal for lunch or dinner… or breakfast?

Lyons Coffee Stout with Breakfast Burrito

Speaking of breakfast, we couldn’t leave out our Lyon’s Coffee Stout and strongly encourage you to pair it with all things bacon. This mild bodied British-style oatmeal stout brewed with a blend of American, British, and German malts is made with cold brew coffee from Lyons Coffee Roasters and is the ideal compliment to a delectable breakfast burrito, or classic dish of bacon and eggs.

Handy’s Gold with Fish and Chips

This clean tasting, easy drinking mild-European style beer is the ideal pairing to wash down any salty, fried meal including one of our pub favorites: Fish and Chips. The light colored brew has a mild malt sweetness and is a great balance to classic bar food.

Ghost Bridge Imperial Stout with Steak

Planning on a hearty meal of steak and potatoes? Pair it with our rich, black Ghost Bridge Imperial Stout with a fruity nose and aromas of black currant, prune, and coffee. This intense, sipping brew can hold it’s own with a flavorful, juicy steak, creating a delicious, well-rounded meal. The bootleggers would have approved!

Codachrome with Thai Food

The sour, sweet, salty, and spicy complexity of a Thai dish deserves the flawless finish and our refreshing Codachrome brewed with ginger and lemongrass is the perfect end note to such a unique dish. Our light brew and a Thai dish will spice up any hot summer night.

IPA with Buffalo wings

IPA’s are known for complimenting strong, spicy dishes, which is why our light amber colored Singin’ River IPA Light Amber is the go-to drink for a plate of zesty buffalo wings with its bitter malt backbone and intense, citrusy hop flavor.

Swamper with Bananas Foster

Finally, we can’t forget dessert! Nothing pairs better with a Bananas Foster or any sweet dish on a cool evening than our pleasantly bitter-sweet Swamper Porter, with a fresh-roast coffee like flavor and aroma, and a rich malty body.

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