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Owners Michelle & Rob Jones


When Rob and I think about our childhood we remember warm summer nights on the banks of the Tennessee River around a campfire, or cruising across its cool waters as the sun’s reflection shimmered over the surface—they are fragments and pieces of recollections that fit together to make up who we are, and the memories always bring a wave of nostalgia. Eventually we grew up, moved away, and traveled the country, but there was something about the Shoals and the winding Singing River that kept bringing us back. We returned for First Fridays where we met on a blind date, we got married and had both of our children here, and two years ago we decided to permanently call Florence home after pursuing our dream of opening the first brewery in the Shoals. Today we know it was the river that runs through our small town that taught us to simply enjoy life and make the most of it, and gave us the courage to pursue something that was new and uncertain. Today we brew with the intention that the people drinking Singin’ River Brewing Co. beer on boat docks and around bonfires are gathering to relish life and talk about their dreams for the future.

If you’ve been drinking Singin’ River beer for the last two years, thank you for all of your support through the ups and downs, experiments, and growth— but if you’re just now joining us we want you to be a part of our family and invite you to our brewery that feels like a second home. You’ll find comfortable chairs and round tables to chat, and soft, twinkling string lights draped over a long wooden bar to sit and catch up with old friends and to make new. Our goal is to be a gathering place for people to enjoy a cold brew, reminisce about old times, and talk about future aspirations. We love the Shoals, the growth that is happening in this unique town, and we are excited to be contributing to the tourism industry by being a part of the North Alabama Craft Beer Trail. We offer brewery tours and one-of-a-kind locally brewed beer in a place that is rapidly expanding its retail and restaurant scene, and experiencing a musical renaissance. To be the first brewery in the Shoals and be able to partner with other local businesses to see our area thrive is a thrill and an honor. While Rob and I are busy every day with the business side of the brewery to ensure its success, what we love the most is seeing people in the taproom laughing, drinking, and enjoying their favorite beer that was created in the Shoals where they work and play.

So far the past two years have been full of milestones, new recipes, and unforgettable parties—and we are excited about our future at Singin’ River Brewing Co. We have added new weekly events including Hops and Hymns on Wednesday nights, as well as Pint Night for UNA faculty, staff, and students on Fridays, and have partnered with local restaurants including Odette, Pie Factory, Rivertown Coffee Co., and 306 BBQ to serve some delicious food for events and weekly gatherings. We always want to serve the Shoals residents, the people who we call family, and create a space that is both inviting and memorable. So, please stop by, say hello, and be a part of our quirky community that is made up of all different kinds of people who simply love beer and good company. The Yuchi Indians said the Tennessee River had a song that was at times soft and quiet, and other times loud and boisterous as it poured over the rocks and reefs of the Shoals– and we love to celebrate the variety of song that the Singing River brings with our brews for every taste. You will find a full range of beers including the smooth flavor of the Handy’s Gold and the rich, full taste of our Porter– we hope that you stop by soon and find a beer that strikes a chord.

- Michelle Jones

History of the Singing River 

Check out the below links on the History of the Singing River

Check out the below links on the History of the Singing River

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