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Singin' River Running Crew

There’s nothing more rewarding after a run than retreating to a familiar space with friends and gathering around tables to tell stories and drink cold beer after the cool autumn air has filled your lungs, and exhaled into clouds of exhaustion—a satisfying treat after a hard workout. Singin’ River Brewing Running Crew is all about finding that sweet balance between a healthy lifestyle and savoring the good things in life—and Singin’ River Brewery provides a place for friends to meet up, exercise, and decompress in a low-pressure environment—a break from mundane routine to meet up with friends to challenge one-another to reach goals, exceed expectations. Whether your motivation is improving your time or the cold brew at the end of the finish line, every Tuesday and Thursday at 5:30pm, friends and strangers meet up at 526 College St. to run, jog, or walk in hopes of achieving a healthier and happier self. It’s a laid back experience with small talk and laughter in between strides and steps in downtown Florence, Alabama with a free tasting at the end of each run.

Like Singin’ River, breweries across the United States have formed running crews that have grown into communities of encouraging, new friendships. They are rag-tag groups of athletes who love running in equal parts to a pint of pilsner, and what starts out as a few runners, develops into a weekly and monthly club of familiar faces and fun activities. Eventually, casual conversation over cold brews turns into life-long friendship and an eagerness to get through the week to the next running crew night. In the upcoming weeks and months Singin’ River Running Crew is launching a few running events for the Shoals area, including the Halloween Hustle this Tuesday. Participants are encouraged to dress up in their best Halloween costume and make memories with a thrilling jog in outfits scary and silly through the streets of Florence with a free tasting and food afterwards. Anyone who wears a costume has the opportunity to participate in the costume contest, with the most elaborate or creative winning a $40 gift card to Singin’ River Brewery. The food and training will also be in preparation for the upcoming UCP Life Without Limits Run on Saturday, October 29th.

The upcoming Halloween Hustle Run is just the beginning of fun running crew events at the Brewery. Those looking for a running group will look forward to the Running With Friends: Thanksgiving Fun Run coming up on Tuesday, November 15th, where anyone who brings a friend will enjoy a free pint! Don’t miss out on the chance to hang with friends and enjoy a free beer on a chilly November evening—ideal running weather and a moment to reflect on all we have to be thankful for with friends. And as Christmas draws near, find your holiday cheer by participating in our 3rd annual Ugly Christmas Sweater Run by hitting up grandma’s closest and finding her most festive sweater. The most elaborate will receive a free pint and Running Crew athletic shirt—and of course the pride of knowing that your sweater is the Ugliest in all the Shoals. And these events are just the beginning of a year of embracing the joy of running and gathering a group of individuals who feel the same.

We want our brewery to be a place to cultivate community and nourish friendships with delicious drinks and appetizers for all interest groups. For centuries bars and breweries have been local hubs and places to meet up with friends, catch up on the week, and relax after a long day of work. We want Singin’ River Brewery to be that place for you—where you feel a freedom to meet with up friends to exercise and chat, decompress with your favorite drink, and find a safe space to be do what you love. If you find yourself not knowing how to get motivated during this holiday season filled with candy and comfort food, start with one of our upcoming Running Crew events and prepare yourself to get hooked on something a little healthier. Our running crew meets every Tuesday and Thursday at 5:30pm rain or shine—and we hope you join us starting with the Halloween Hustle on Tuesday!

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