Singin’ River Beer & Food Pairings

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There are two things that the staff at Singin’ River Brewing Co. love: beer and food— which is why for this month’s blog post we have compiled a list of some of our favorite dishes and paired them with a Singin’ River beer in hopes that you will find your Summer filled with delicious meals with friends and family. 

IMG_8543Tiger Chainsaw Arms with Mussels and Frites: If you can find one of the bright green cans of Tiger Chainsaw Arms on the shelf at your local package store, run home and cook up the classic Belgian dish of Mussels and Frites for the perfect compliment. Our spicy, citrusy Belgian Abbey Tripel-American IPA is a flavorful and refreshing finish to this salty dish.


Roggenbier with Strawberry Salad, nuts and goat cheese: Our traditional German Roggenbier is a complex golden brew perfect for warm weather. Spend summer evenings on your back porch sipping this refreshing brew and pair it with a crisp Strawberry Salad topped with nuts and goat cheese for a healthy go-to dinner option.

Pair of Ducks with Tacos 5720304856_1c2a7c2142_z: Everyone has tacos at least three times a week, right? Just us? When we do our beer pairing for a spicy taco dinner is Pair of Ducks, our sour ale with notes of bold citrus and tropical fruit. This yummy combination is the perfect meal for lunch or dinner… or breakfast?

Lyons Coffee Stout with Breakfast Burrito: Speaking of breakfast, we couldn’t leave out our Lyon’s Coffee Stout and strongly encourage you to pair it with all things bacon. This mild bodied British-style oatmeal stout brewed with a blend of American, British, and German malts is made with cold brew coffee from Lyons Coffee Roasters, and is the ideal compliment to a delectable breakfast burrito, or classic dish of bacon and eggs.

17218440_765304946970258_1524878220560438037_oHandy’s Gold with Fish and Chips: This clean tasting, easy drinking mild-European style beer is the ideal pairing to wash down any salty, fried meal including one of our pub favorites: Fish and Chips. The light colored brew has a mild, malt sweetness and is a great balance to classic bar food.

Ghost Bridge Imperial Stout with Steak: Planning on a hearty meal of steak and potatoes? Pair it with our rich, black Ghost Bridge Imperial Stout with a fruity nose and aromas of black currant, prune, and coffee. This intense, sipping brew can hold it’s own with a flavorful, juicy steak, creating a delicious, well-rounded meal. The bootleggers would have approved!

img_8500Codachrome with Thai Food: The sour, sweet, salty, and spicy complexity of a Thai dish deserves a flawless finish and our refreshing Codachrome brewed with ginger and lemongrass is the ideal end note to such a unique meal. Our light brew and any Thai recipe will spice up those hot summer nights.

IPA with Buffalo wings: IPA’s are known for complimenting strong, spicy dishes, which is why our Singin’ River IPA is the go-to drink for a plate of zesty buffalo wings with its bitter, malt backbone and intense, citrusy hop flavor.

IMG_0620Swamper with Bananas Foster: Finally, we can’t forget dessert! Nothing pairs better with a Bananas Foster or any sweet dish on a cool evening than our pleasantly bitter-sweet Swamper Porter, with a fresh-roast coffee like flavor and aroma, and rich malty body.

The Legend of Tiger Chainsaw Arms

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IMG_8543Deep in the heart of Northwest Alabama, on the outskirts of a Microbrewery named Singin’ River is a small patch of land known as Gingko Park. The rolling hill is home to several dying gingko trees, a few patches of green grass, and one tiger with chainsaw arms. You might be wondering how this beautiful creature came to possess two chainsaw arms, but unfortunately that story is too painful and heartbreaking to tell— her story really begins as she was looking for love in the Shoals. This legendary, majestic tiger with an orange coat, jet black stripes, and two large, steel chainsaws on her front two legs is a quiet, kind creature, and often misunderstood. As you can imagine it’s hard to find love when you’re a tiger with chainsaw arms.

She searched far and wide, walking along the cobblestone streets of Mobile, hitting up all the hottest spots in Florence, and even venturing far away… to the other side of O’Neill Bridge. Often her dates would end up running away in fear, or sometimes she would accidentally kill them when she went in for a hug. So, you can see the difficulty she had in finding true love. Finally, in an attempt to find love she created an online dating profile. She included all of her favorite things including long walks along the Tennessee River, Norwegian freeform jazz, and hearty meals of buffalo wings and beer. In her spare time she mentioned her love of photography, bird watching, and of course traveling. Naturally, her dating profile and stunning looks caught the eye of many, but she found that none of them could look past the loud roar of her chainsaws and their frighteningly sharp teeth— if they only got to know who she really was they would see her kind spirit and tender heart.

Discouraged by her search for love, she poured her energy and passion into creating a beer that reveals what’s truly inside all of us. And as you can guess her delicious, hoppy beer is more dangerous than a tiger with chainsaw arms at 12.2% ABV–watch out, it makes you feel all of your emotions. If you’re happy, you’re the most joyful person in the room, if you’re sad, you might want to have a box of tissues at arm’s length, if you’re angry, your friends will probably be thankful you don’t have chainsaws for arms. What she created is a Belgian Abbey Tripel-American IPA hybrid– a pale, golden-colored ale with the spicy flavor and aroma of an Abbey Tripel, melded with citrusy American hops. Sadly, today, if you look for the Tiger with Chainsaw Arms at gingko park, you will only find dried, rotten gingko berries. She has moved on, having created a gold-winning beer, she is once again in search of love, looking for that one special person who doesn’t mind risking everything to hug a tiger… with chainsaw arms.

Valentine’s Day Brew-A-Versary

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FullSizeRender-33What you’re about to read is a love story. It’s a story as old as time: Man loves beer. Man decides to brew beer. Man can’t get grain to brew beer because of an ice storm. I think everyone can relate. This story is of the undying love of a brewery fighting against all odds to brew their first beer.

It all began on February 14th, 2014 in Atlanta, Georgia when Valentine’s Day was cancelled and as a result Singin’ River Brewing Company’s first brew almost didn’t happen. What was anticipated as an exciting and monumental moment in the launch of the Shoals’ first brewery was almost a disaster due to an unexpected ice storm that had disrupted the bustling city of Atlanta, shutting off power and leaving the roadways from Atlanta to Alabama covered in ice and snow. However, up until this frigid February day, everything seemed to be falling into place for the first brew.

The installer commissioner from the brew house manufacturer had traveled to Florence for the week to ensure that everything was operating according to standards before brewing the first batch. Water brews had been conducted to make sure equipment was running smoothly and all that was left was to receive the shipment of grain from Atlanta to move forward with the planned recipe. With the installer only here until Friday, and beer promised to distributors, the timeline was tight and had little room for mistakes—much less a major ice storm across the entire Southeast. However, Atlanta was hit hard and the shipment of grain wasFullSizeRender-31 delayed. Frantically, friends in the trucking industry were called and asked for favors to get grain from other parts of the country, but everyone’s truck was in Atlanta. With no other breweries in the Shoals area at the time, Singin’ River was stuck—if grain wasn’t found soon, the entire week of work was a waste and the first brew had to happen on time.

Determined to keep promises Rob began calling around the Huntsville area asking neighboring breweries to see if their grain could be purchased, and Blue Pants Brewery graciously agreed. So, in the midst of a winter storm, Rob, out of blind love and determination, got in his truck and began driving on icy, wintery roads through Northwest Alabama on the night of Thursday, February 13th so that beer could be brewed the next morning on Valentine’s Day. Despite the weather, Rob and the grain made it back safely–but there were still a few obstacles to overcome: with new grain purchased from an unknown malt house, George, our talented Head Brewer, had to make up a recipe on the fly. So, with little information about the grain, George created a British style ESB (Extra Special Bitters) due to its fairly forgiving style and because he wanted it to stand out from the regular offerings as Batch #1.

FullSizeRender-34The process to create Batch #1 was a cold one, as it was brewed in our current building that was at the time just a warehouse with no heating or insulation. The below freezing temperatures made for a chilly first brew, but delivered a delicious, light colored amber ESB, flavored with British hops that went on to be distributed in March, and was served at the Taproom Grand Opening in May. And while the road to our first beer was a rocky one, the process provided George with the correct numbers to go on and brew our second beer, the Porter, now known as The Swamper, as well as Handy’s Gold, and our IPA.

Jokingly, the first batch is remembered as an almost disaster on “that Valentine’s Day”—but really it’s an unforgettable story that will forever mark the beginning of our brewery and was just the start of a multitude of mishaps and experiments that has led us to our love for brewing beer for the Shoals.

2017 Weekly Taproom Events

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A new year means 365 opportunities to challenge yourself to do something new every day… and to drink more beer. For 2017 Singin’ River Brewing Co. has added exciting weekly and monthly events to our calendar in hopes that you add them to yours as well. Stop by our Taproom any day of the week in downtown Florence, Alabama and see what we have brewing–we are going to keep this place hopping with incredible community events all year long for people with different backgrounds and hobbies, but with one thing in common… a love for craft beer and wine.

Weekly Calendar


14716341_1738201193171277_9028631934126752155_n5:30pm – Singin’ River Running Crew: Our longest running group is continuing their weekly runs on Tuesdays at 5:30pm with a free tasting afterwards. This group begins and ends at the brewery and is for runners of every level. They meet rain or shine and you will always find someone waiting in the Taproom ready to set goals and stay in shape.ThinkItsJustTrivia-FB-Graphic

6:00pm – Geeks Who Drink: After your run stick around, grab a beer, and hang out with friends at our brand new Trivia night every Tuesday starting February 7th . Food will be available to purchase at this trivia night created for every geek level and will include questions presented by a moderator, as well as video clips on our big screen TVs. So, go ahead and tell your friends, you need to start thinking of your best trivia team name!


15781371_10210164557849349_8561379528579262750_n5:30pm – Winedown Yoga: An exciting addition to the calendar is beginning this Wednesday, January 18th and will take place every Wednesday with Ashley Baker Yoga. Each class will only be $10.00 and will take place at the brewery—a unique space to unwind in the middle of the week and take care of your mind, body, and soul. Come alone or bring a group of friends, there’s no better way to reflect on the day and prepare for the rest of the week then with a glass of wine and yoga led by a talented teacher.15894991_727183370782416_8374202129037625467_n

2nd Wednesday of Every Month @ 6:30pm – Hops and Hymns: Regardless of belief or disbelief, we are inviting the entire community to come together once a month to grab a pint of beer or glass of wine, and join in singing hymns and folk songs led by local musicians in a laid-back atmosphere reminiscent of an Irish pub session where many of the hymns that we sing today were written.


15027719_694273450740075_4098466891476762694_n4:00pm – Thursday Tappening: Every week beer lovers have the chance to taste something different with unique beer styles each Thursday evening. Whether it be a twist on a classic or a collaboration with friends, each beer is delicious and unforgettable—stop by anytime from 4:00pm – 9:00pm and don’t miss out on testing your taste buds and expanding your palate.




Live Music: On the weekends keep a look out for announcements about live music at the brewery and make Singin’ River the spot to hang out, enjoy beer or wine, and relax after a long week with friends and family. The large, industrial style taproom features a long wooden bar as well as tables under twinkling string lights, with access to an outdoor patio.

Stay on the Lookout:

FullSizeRender-29Once a Month- Stories of the Writers Showcase: Join us in listening to talented, local songwriters perform original songs in this listening-room style show that is all about appreciating the stories that inspired the music. This free event is a rare opportunity to sit down, relax with a beer, and take in the moment with incredible musicians.

Once a Month starting in March- Pedals and Pints with Spinning Spoke: Begin and end a bike ride at the brewery led by Spinning Spoke through downtown Florence on a monthly basis. Stay on the lookout for announcements about dates and times as the weather warms up. 14242425_659857874181633_4290385380953185870_o

Bi-Monthly- Wine, Cheese, & Paint, OH MY!: Every other month grab your girlfriends for a fun ladies-night-out, or plan your next date night for an evening of painting at this instructor-led class that includes one glass of wine, a cheese plate, and all your painting supplies with each ticket. Leave the 2-hour session with a beautiful painting to hang in your home and plenty of fun memories with friends.

Black Friday at the Brewery

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It’s that time of year again when everyone is scrambling to buy Christmas presents—but you don’t have to! Stop by the brewery, grab a beer, and shop—we have great gifts for everyone in the family! And to make it even easier on you, the Singin’ River Brewing Co. staff has put together a list of their ‘Favorite Things’ that we believe puts Oprah’s list to shame.

originalRob – Owner

Singin’ River Hat: Featuring the Singin’ River Brewing Co. logo, this classic Christmas present can be worn year around and is a great gift for men and women of all ages. Its traditional fit has a mesh snap back, and the grey color goes with everything– wear it to sporting events or out boating!



Michelle – Owner

Pinot Gris: The new Singin’ River Pinot Gris is a very drinkable wine, crowd favorite, and adds a cheery lightness to any dish. With a delicate flavor and balanced finish, it pairs well with most appetizers and entrees. Pick up some wine glasses and tie a bow around the holiday wine bottle, and you have an excellent Christmas present that will make Mom very happy.


img_7977George – Master Brewer

Crowler of BB Orchestrator: A favorite beer at the brewery, George loves German style lagers and finds that the aged bourbon character is a good choice for the holidays, and an ideal drink on a cold, winter night. This taproom favorite won’t be around for long, so stop in and grab some beer-to-go before it’s sold out in one of our 32oz Crowlers.


fullsizerender-24John – Cellarman

Angry Elf Sours: As a brewer John recognizes the risk in producing a sour beer- if you mess up while brewing a sour you could risk your entire production line becoming infected. Sours are dangerous. And danger is sexy. This year we are bottling three of our sours: Paint it Blackberry American Sour Ale, Vincent Van Gose, and Pair of Ducks Dry Hopped American Sour Ale to create a sexy, spirited gift set for those adventurous beer lovers in the family.


img_8500Josh – Taproom Manager

Codachrome: This beer is the perfect treat at the end of a long day with its refreshing ginger and lemongrass finish, and was flying off the shelves this year. As we wrap up the end of 2016 there are only a few six packs left until it’s canned again in the Spring, making it an ideal gift for Codachrome fans who won’t see this beer for a few months. Complete the gift with Paul Simon’s Kodachrome on vinyl and watch Dad’s eyes light up.


swamper4Mikayla – Bartender

Long sleeve Baseball Shirt: Every girl will love our new long sleeve baseball tee! Its soft fabric and slimming fit is a cute, comfortable option to wear out and about, or around the house. This shirt looks great with jeans and sneakers—a cute addition to every girl’s wardrobe.


sweatshirt3Harris – Bartender

Singin’ River Hoodie: Our dark navy winter hoodie has an incredibly soft, fleece interior that will keep you warm and cozy in the chilly weather. This high-quality, gender-neutral apparel goes with anything and is easy to throw on for a walk around the neighborhood, or to an event downtown.


mugRandy – Sales

Stainless Steel Tumbler: A great stocking stuffer or gift card holder, this stylish tumbler will keep your beverage icy cold throughout the day and is the perfect accessory for anyone in your family. Grab their favorite 6-pack along with the tumbler and you have a quick and easy gift-set idea!


fullsizerender-20Kelli – Marketing and Events

Pinot Noir: This dry wine pairs well with any Christmas appetizer or dessert, but is especially delicious with a gourmet cheese plate or dark chocolate dessert. It makes for a great hostess gift, tasty addition for any Christmas party, and is winter-ready with the new Singin’ River snowflake label.


Don’t have time to stop by the brewery? Don’t worry we have you covered! Just go to to shop!

Singin’ River Running Crew

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There’s nothing more rewarding after a run than retreating to a familiar space with friends, gathering around tables to tell stories, and drinking cold beer after the cool autumn air has filled your lungs, and exhaled into clouds of exhaustion—a satisfying treat after a hard workout. Singin’ River Brewing Running Crew is all about finding that sweet balance between a healthy lifestyle and savoring the good things in life—and Singin’ River Brewery provides a place for friends to meet up, exercise, and decompress in a low-pressure environment—a break from the mundane routine to meet up with friends and challenge one-another to reach goals. Whether your motivation is improving your time or the cold brew at the end of the finish line, every Tuesday and Thursday at 5:30pm, friends and strangers meet up at 526 College Street to run, jog, or walk in hopes of achieving a healthier and happier self. It’s a laid back experience with small talk and laughter in between strides and steps in downtown Florence, Alabama with a free tasting at the end of each run.

Like Singin’ River, breweries across the United States have formed running crews that have grown into communities of encouraging, new friendships. They are rag-tag groups of athletes who love running in equal parts to a pint of pilsner, and what starts out as a few runners, develops into a weekly and monthly club of familiar faces and fun activities. Eventually, casual conversation over cold brews turns into life-long friendship and an eagerness to get through the week to the next running crew night. In the upcoming weeks and months Singin’ River Running Crew is launching a few running events for the Shoals area, including the Halloween Hustle tomorrow, Tuesday, October 25th at 5:30pm. Participants are encouraged to dress up in their best Halloween costume and make memories with a thrilling jog in outfits scary and silly through the streets of Florence with a free tasting and food afterwards. Anyone who wears a costume has the opportunity to participate in the costume contest, with the most elaborate, or creative, winning a $40 gift card to Singin’ River Brewery. The food and training will also be in preparation for the upcoming UCP Life Without Limits Run on Saturday, October 29th.

The upcoming Halloween Hustle Run is just the beginning of fun running crew events at the Brewery. Those looking for a runningsinginriver-56 group will look forward to the Running With Friends: Thanksgiving Fun Run coming up on Tuesday, November 15th, where anyone who brings a friend will enjoy a free pint! Don’t miss out on the chance to hang with friends and enjoy a free beer on a chilly November evening—an ideal opportunity to take a moment to reflect on all we have to be thankful for with friends. And as Christmas draws near, find your holiday cheer by participating in our 3rd annual Ugly Christmas Sweater Run by hitting up grandma’s closest and finding her most festive sweater. The most elaborate will receive a free pint and Running Crew athletic shirt—and of course the pride of knowing that your sweater is the Ugliest in all the Shoals. And these events are just the beginning of a year of embracing the joy of running and gathering a group of individuals who feel the same.

We want our brewery to be a place to cultivate community and nourish friendships with delicious drinks and appetizers for all interest groups. For centuries bars and breweries have been local hubs and places to meet up with friends, catch up on the week, and relax after a long day of work. We want Singin’ River Brewery to be that place for you—where you feel a freedom to meet with up friends to exercise and chat, decompress with your favorite drink, and find a safe space to be do what you love. If you find yourself not knowing how to get motivated during this holiday season filled with candy and comfort food, start with one of our upcoming Running Crew events and prepare yourself to get hooked on something a little healthier. Our running crew meets every Tuesday and Thursday at 5:30pm rain or shine—and we hope you join us starting with the Halloween Hustle tomorrow, October 25th!







Fall Festivities on the Patio

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With the arrival of Fall comes the familiar football fanfare and the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors as the weather cools down, making way for grilling and sipping on cider, while cheering on your alma mater. This is the scene taking place on our new patio, covered by two large awnings, and surrounded by tin planters of yellow mums and lush, green shrubs. The patio, which can be accessed through the outside gate, regular taproom door, or through the giant garage door that reaches to the industrial-style ceiling, has just been added to the entertainment and event space options and has quickly become a guest and staff favorite as a spot to take a quick break, sit down for a few beers, entertain friends, and watch your favorite sporting event.

The patio has opened at the perfect time as the weather begins to cool down from a sweltering 95 degrees, to breezy afternoons that call for a cold beer and good conversation. Recently there has been College Football watch parties, where Rob fires up the grill and serves some of his famous wings, while friends gather around the large patio tables. It’s a private, peaceful spot under twinkling string lights, for groups large and small to keep up with the latest sporting event on a flat-screen TV or to just relax at the end of a long workday. However, this space is for more than just watching the big games of the weekend— it’s available for private parties, reunions, business meetings, and more. Local restaurants help cater parties, making the event an easy set up and a delicious treat for guests in a unique setting.

Soon the patio will be bustling with German food, beer, wine, and cider as we prepare for Shoals Oktoberfest, which begins on Thursday, October 6th with cocktails and appetizers served on the patio to kick off the Shoals Oktoberfest German Beer & Wine Dinner hosted by the University of North Alabama Culinary Arts Program. The night will continue in the Taproom with dinner and dessert– unique creations by talented local students. Guests will have the opportunity to sip on their favorite beverage and munch on specialty food pairings during a casual evening with friends celebrating a 100-year-old German tradition and indulging in the art and talent of UNA students. The party will continue throughout the weekend with Artoberfest on Friday, October 7th, which features displays by local artists and Wine, Cheese, and Paint, OH MY! The three-day event will conclude on Saturday, October 8th with Goodwill Games, live music, great food, and plenty of beer on the patio in what will be a memorable weekend for the whole family.

This exciting Oktoberfest street party will offer brats, bbq, and brisket from Smitty’s
SmokeShack, while live music floats through the air, and specialty German beer will be filled to the brim in large steins. Guests will be able to test their strength in the Goodwill Games with a stein hoisting contest, beer relay, grain sack toss, and a cornhole tournament; or relax in the VIP Sports Pavilion and catch up on their favorite football game on the big screen TVs. And while there will be plenty of beer and cider for the adults, we haven’t forgotten the kids during this family-friendly event, with free face painting, a balloon artist, and bounce houses available for the children all day long.

The children’s activities and vendors will be located in front of the brewery on College St, while our new patio will be in full swing with live music, the Goodwill Games, and shaded areas to catch up on football, drink beer, and hang out with friends. We want our patio to be your patio—so gather your friends, grab a beer and settle down for a good time—we’re happy to accommodate a variety of events with our outdoor space, indoor Taproom, and back bar for special events. If you haven’t been to Singin’ River Brewing Co. yet, come check out our space during Shoals Oktoberfest—we will be happy to show you around and help plan your next great event!

Visit to buy tickets for the upcoming Oktoberfest Events!

A Beer Blog is Born

singinriverevents BLOG

13566951_624462187721202_2565632600346796342_nWhen Rob and I think about our childhood we remember warm summer nights on the banks of the Tennessee River around a campfire, or cruising across its cool waters as the sun’s reflection shimmered over the surface—they are fragments and pieces of recollections that fit together to make up who we are, and the memories always bring a wave of nostalgia. Eventually we grew up, moved away, and traveled the country, but there was something about the Shoals and the winding Singing River that kept bringing us back. We returned for First Fridays where we met on a blind date, we got married and had both of our children here, and two years ago we decided to permanently call Florence home after pursuing our dream of opening the first brewery in the Shoals. Today we know it was the river that runs through our small town that taught us to simply enjoy life and make the most of it, and gave us the courage to pursue something that was new and uncertain. Today we brew with the intention that the people drinking Singin’ River Brewing Co. beer on boat docks and around bonfires are gathering to relish life and talk about their dreams for the future.

If you’ve been drinking Singin’ River beer for the last two years, thank you for all of your support through the ups and downs, experiments, and growth— but if you’re just now joining us we want you to be a part of our family and invite you to our brewery that feels like a second home. You’ll find comfortable chairs and round tables to chat, and soft, twinkling string lights draped over a long wooden bar to sit and catch up with old friends and to make new. Our goal is to be a gathering place for people to enjoy a cold brew, reminisce about old times, and talk about future aspirations. We love the Shoals, the growth that is happening in this unique town, and we are excited to be contributing to the tourism industry by being a part of the North Alabama Craft Beer Trail. We offer brewery tours and one-of-a-kind locally brewed beer in a place that is rapidly expanding its retail and restaurant scene, and experiencing a musical renaissance. To be the first brewery in the Shoals and be able to partner with other local businesses to see our area thrive is a thrill and an honor. While Rob and I are busy every day with the business side of the brewery to ensure its success, what we love the most is seeing people in the taproom laughing, drinking, and enjoying their favorite beer that was created in the Shoals where they work and play.

So far the past two years have been full of milestones, new recipes, and unforgettable parties—and we are excited about our future at Singin’ River Brewing Co. We have added new weekly events including Hops and Hymns on Wednesday nights, as well as Pint Night for UNA faculty, staff, and students on Fridays, and have partnered with local restaurants including Odette, Pie Factory, Rivertown Coffee Co., and 306 BBQ to serve some delicious food for events and weekly gatherings. We always want to serve the Shoals residents, the people who we call family, and create a space that is both inviting and memorable. So, please stop by, say hello, and be a part of our quirky community that is made up of all different kinds of people who simply love beer and good company. The Yuchi Indians said the Tennessee River had a song that was at times soft and quiet, and other times loud and boisterous as it poured over the rocks and reefs of the Shoals– and we love to celebrate the variety of song that the Singing River brings with our brews for every taste. You will find a full range of beers including the smooth flavor of the Handy’s Gold and the rich, full taste of our Porter– we hope that you stop by soon and find a beer that strikes a chord.

Cheers! – Michelle